Ortho Diagnostics Vitros ECiQ

Ortho Diagnostics Vitros ECiQ

The VITROS® ECiQ Immunodiagnostic System is the best solution for laboratories performing routine and specialty immunodiagnostic testing.

Product Features
– Ensures result integrity for quality result reporting
– Patient samples and reagents automatically metered into MicroWells
– INTELLICHECK® Technology verification at each step
– Dual-logic processing optimizes assay performance and throughput

– Optimizes labor by reducing operator intervention
– Up to 20 Integrated Reagent Packs loaded any time and stored on-board for continuous, random access operation
– Automatic Inventory Management monitors and verifies inventory, expiration, and calibration
– INTELLICHECK® Technology verifies MicroWell dispense and assay reagent aspiration and dispense

– Reduces errors for worry-free result reporting
-Unique Save-the-Sample Clot/Bubble Detection preserves the specimen and minimizes redraw
– Disposable Tip Sample Metering verifies sample aspiration and dispense, while addressing carryover and cross-contamination concerns
– Universal Sample Trays accommodate primary, secondary, and microcollection containers and sample cups without adapters or pour-off containers

– Maximizes system uptime and increases staff productivity
– Highly secure, real-time two-way communication between your system and our support teams
– Automatic Data Exchange and Remote Connectivityfor immediate diagnostic and performance analysis
– Immediate resolution of technical issues without a service visit

– Improves staff efficiency and enhances ease-of-use
– Exclusive INTELLIREPORT reports the quality of each result
– INTELLICHECK® Monitoring reports key INTELLICHECK® Technology verifications
– Ergonomically designed, flat touchscreen; keyboard platform; and support arm
– Intuitive, easy-to-use, color-coded graphical interface simplifies training

– Improves service levels and staff efficiency
– Supply management automatically monitors inventory for Universal Wash Reagent solid and liquid waste
– Automatic Integrated Prime/Purge eliminates primes during “ready state” and before sampling for faster turnaround times and cost savings
– No plumbing, water or drains