Alfa Wassermann Starlyte V

Alfa Wassermann Starlyte V

StarlyteTM V ISE Analyzer is the high efficiency ISE analyzer designed to quickly and accurately conduct basic electrolyte testing. Using Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE), the Starlyte V measures Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Calcium, and Lithium.

High Productivity

  • Results in 50 seconds with minimal operator involvement
  • Convenient, self-contained reagent packs
  • Minimal maintenance of only 2 minutes per day
  • Print-out of results

Simple to Operate

  • Push-button Yes/No commands
  • Interactive display of messages in a choice of languages
  • Built-in monitoring systems alert the operator when reagent levels are low or maintenance is required

Low Operating Costs

  • Long reagent stability and electrode life
  • STANDBY mode conserves reagent when system is not in use

Optimized Efficiency

  • Utilizes only 95 µL of serum, plasma, urine or whole blood with almost no dilutions required
  • Automatic calibration: 2-point every 4 hours, plus single point with every sample
  • User programmable to correlate to any ISE method