Siemens Advia 1200

Siemens Advia 1200

ADVIA® 1200 Chemistry System

The Flexibility of Innovation
Compact Size
The ADVIA® 1200 system features a small footprint, which allows it to fit comfortably in any size laboratory.

Productivity – Reliability – Expertise

1. Sample Tray
Capacity for 84 patient samples. Separate access to refrigerated area for on-board calibrators and controls.

2. Sample Probe
Sampling system includes liquid level sensing, short sample detection and clot detection. The ADVIA 1200 system has minimal requirements for sample volume (as low as 1 µL/test).

3. ISE System
Indirect Na+, K+, Cl-.Compact, easy to replace, long-life electrodes guaranteed for 30,000 tests per electrode.

4. Cuvette-based Reaction Tray
Segmented tray for easy cuvette replacement. This advanced, high precision optical system combines with a unique incubation fluid and a concavity diffraction grating to ensure superior precision and accuracy in clinical chemistry instrumentation.

5. Reagent Storage Area
Refrigerated storage for 41 one- or two-reagent chemistries plus open system capability – providing total workstation consolidation.