Abbott Emerald

Abbott Cell Dyn Emerald Hematology Analyzer

The CELL-DYN Emerald functions as a compact, automated hematology analyzer, which has been designed for the purpose of in-vitro diagnostics in clinical labs. The Emerald is highly reliable, simple to use, and easily controllable. The Emerald’s software can be controlled by a touchscreen, which comes with an in-built keyboard. The numbers for reagent lots and information about expiry can be easily entered, thanks to the integrated barcode scanner. The scanner can also be used to update patient’s information through labels.

The Emerald can be easily started and has an automated shut down at the very end of the workday. The maintenance of the device involves bleaching the counting chambers once in a month and a half-yearly lubrication of the pistons. The Emerald’s design keeps in mind the robustness needed for regular usage.