Roche AVL 9180

Roche AVL 9180/81

 Roche AVL 9180 is an electrolyte analysis system from Roche Diagnostics. AVL – the original manufacturer of this analyzer – now acquired by Roche Diagnostics. AVL 9180 is a small system for use in various health care centers , the configuration of the physician office lab and point of care units .

The analyzer is the best solution for performing electrolytic analysis of whole blood and plasma , urine, dialysate , serum or aqueous patterns . The medical instrument is easy to use and provide rapid sample analysis . It has the ability to provide accurate results , yet consistent within a minute. Improve microprocessor based technology of this tool and easy to use design provides maximum performance and operational flexibility. Quick change of analyte , ease of use, flexibility and low maintenance are other important features that can be achieved with the use of Roche AVL 9180.

– The test panel
– Support tray 18 positions
– Cassette System ( SnapPak )
– Maintenance free electrodes
– Recertified parts warranty 90 day
– The reagents , controls, and consumables may be available